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When you’re experiencing loose dentures, they can interfere with your life. It may be time to consider implant overdentures. At Denture Services Northwest in Lakewood, Washington, David Hill, DPD, and JB Kimmel, LD, offer the overdenture procedure to help you get a comfortable, secure-fitting denture. Implant Overdentures also offer a lifetime of benefits to enhance your speaking and chewing ability, as well as your self-confidence. At Denture Services Northwest, we work with dentists and oral surgeons in the community to help get the best implant overdenture result possible. Learn more about implant overdentures by calling the Lakewood office or booking online.

Implant Overdenture (Dentures Made to Fit Over Implant Posts) Q & A

What are Implant Overdentures?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. They provide a stable foundation for a denture for someone who has lost all of their natural teeth. Holes are made into the jaw bones where the artificial roots are placed. Through the healing process, the implants integrate with the jaw. Once completely healed, an artificial top is placed into the implant containing an attachment for dentures. It is estimated that implant-supported dentures will restore nearly 90% of your chewing ability.

What are the benefits of Implant Overdentures?

If you have difficulty chewing and speaking, or are generally dissatisfied with the comfort of a denture because of a loose fit, you may benefit from implant-supported overdentures.

Overdentures offer more stability than regular dentures because they connect directly to the posts fused into your jawbone. This eliminates the worry of your denture moving around or falling out when you’re eating and talking.

Dental implant-supported dentures offer long-term results. As long as you use good oral hygiene, you can expect this type of denture to last a lifetime.

Implants can also help prevent bone loss in your jaw. The implanted posts not only support your denture, they also support your jawbone, preventing visible facial changes as you age.

Schedule an evaluation to find out if implant overdentures are right for you by calling the Lakewood office or using the online booking feature.