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Since opening his practice over 20 years ago, David Hill, DPD makes it a point to give back to the community by reaching out to the less fortunate through several state programs and charities. If you need quality dentures but are having trouble affording the cost, call or make an appointment online today with David or with JB at Denture Services Northwest in Lakewood, Washington.

Affordable Quality Dentures Q & A

Do affordable dentures still have good quality?

It’s possible to get quality dentures at a price you can afford. Affordable quality dentures are durable and are a worthwhile investment: They give you a beautiful smile and they assist in eating, all within your budget.

At Denture Services Northwest, we fabricate affordable quality dentures on site, providing a savings for you. David and JB will listen to your specific needs and design your dentures accordingly.

How do you get and maintain affordable quality dentures?

Dentures can be a considerable expense. However, it’s possible to get affordable quality dentures, even without dental insurance. Doing that involves discussing your options since some types of dentures are more expensive than others. David and JB can help you reduce your costs while providing you a smile that will make you feel proud.

To keep your dentures looking and feeling good, be sure to take good care of them, your mouth, and your remaining teeth. That means:

  • Avoiding hard or sticky foods
  • Following the care directions you get at Denture Services Northwest
  • Cleaning your dentures properly every night
  • Not wearing them for longer than necessary
  • To avoid breaking your dentures, don’t try to adjust them on your own.