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Dentures replace your missing teeth, restore your smile, and make it easier to do things others take for granted — like eating and speaking! You can get full dentures from David Hill, DPD and JB Kimmel, RDA, LD, the lead denturists of Denture Services Northwest in Lakewood, Washington. If you’ve lost all of your natural teeth, call the practice today or make an appointment online at any time.

Full Dentures Q & A

What are full dentures?

Full dentures, also called conventional dentures, replace all of your teeth. Once your remaining teeth have been removed and your gums have healed, your denturist at Denture Services Northwest fits you for your full dentures.

David and JB want you to have the best dentures possible for your dental needs and budget. They offer three styles of full dentures, each with distinct advantages:

Economy dentures

This a popular choice at Denture Services Northwest because it's the most economical option. Economy dentures are processed at the practice’s on-site lab and are individually fitted for you. With economy dentures, the teeth are set in a wax base and you get to try them on before completion to ensure they best suit your dental needs. Your denturist determines the size, shape, and look of the teeth, based on your needs.

Mid-grade dentures

This type of denture not only features high-quality, natural-looking teeth, it also allows you to design your smile. Since the teeth are first set in a wax base, you get to try them on before completion and make changes that suit your dental needs. After you approve the final look, the lab custom-finishes your denture in a permanent acrylic base material.

Premium dentures

This is the most natural-looking denture that Denture Services Northwest offers. Premium dentures resist the effects of impact, wear and tear, and stains since they're made with the best denture teeth available.

Fittings for premium dentures are similar to that of the other dentures. The teeth first get set in wax for you to try on, allowing you to make changes. After you approve the final look, the lab custom-finishes your denture in a permanent acrylic base material. Again, you don’t worry about the outcome because you’re choosing your own smile!

How do you care for full dentures?

Your dentures need cleaning daily: after meals and when you remove them for the night. Cleaning your dentures helps remove food particles and plaque, prevents staining, and keeps them tasting and smelling fresh.

Every morning before you put your dentures in, use a brush with soft bristles to clean your remaining natural teeth, as well as your gums and tongue to remove the plaque that accumulates overnight. Pay attention to any teeth that fit underneath your denture's metal clasps since bacteria trapped between the metal and your teeth can cause tooth decay.

To improve your appearance and smile with full dentures, call or make an appointment online today at Denture Services Northwest Inc. in Lakewood, Washington.