Our Guarantee


Our Guarantee

  • Our "Custom" dentures have a lifetime* guarantee and unlimited adjustments. (*The American Dental Association considers the life of a denture to be 5 years)
  • Our "Affordable" dentures have a 2-year guarantee and unlimited adjustments.
  • Our "Economy" denture has unlimited adjustments.

Unlimited Adjustments include:

  • Relieving sore areas in the mouth underneath denture.
  • Soft temporary relines on dentures for up to 1 year.
  • Adjusting and balancing occlusion (bite).

Guarantee Includes:

  • Tooth of the denture; repair and/or replacement from falling out, chipping, or breaking.
  • Acrylic fracture or breakage.
  • Any other damage caused by normal use and/or cleaning.

Guarantee DOES NOT Include:

  • Damages due to neglect including failure to reline within 1 year after placement of denture.
  • Attempt to self-repair with super glue or any over-the-counter repair or reline kits.
  • Loss of the denture, or pet damages.
  • Any cast metal frame work after a period of 1 year. These frames are not produced in our lab, therefore we cannot guarantee them.
  • Permanent relines are not included in our guarantee, and may be needed up to twice a year as the anatomy of the mouth changes.

The guarantee becomes invalid if:

  • The oral hygiene is not thorough and sufficient, the annual examination is not carried out, in cases of decrease of the gums and bone structure, dentures are damaged due to an accident, instruction of the Denturist were not observed (for example, incorrect care of the dentures, incorrect storage and use of removable dentures), the weight of the patient changes significantly within a short period of time, the dental status of the patient changes due to a general illness, denture treatment is carried out by another Denturist/Dentist.

The American Dental Association recommends that all denture wearers receive a soft tissue exam by a Dentist at least once a year. Even if you are not experiencing any problems, other issues can occur with the tissue.


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